Born Day Anniversary

I’m a few hours away from my 28th bornday anniversary.


In my early 20s, a knowing began its birth in my gut. I started feeling my 27th year of life would be a turning point, a penultimate one with a final other when I become 30. The latter hasn’t become clear yet, but I know I’ll start being able to visualize it when I turn 28. I’ve just known in my gut my life would morph into something else in that 27th span.

I had ideas of what would happen. Like most, I wanted to find the right job, the right partner, take care of my body and mind better, live where I want – enjoy a thriving life. I even had a secret list of things I wanted I didn’t think would be possible, but I held on to them for years like horded treasures you can’t seem to throw away.

Manifestation is a simple but not often easy thing.


When you’re clear and precise consistently, life will give you what you ask for (even those “bad” things that seem to keep happening to you when you’re not sure how you’re attracting them). When you understand the art of the universal laws, you appreciate and live life from a perspective of abundant opportunity, one where you get what you ask for (a lot of those “good” things). So yes, I asked for the job and to eat better, but my secret desire list included working for myself, living in nature, a imperfectly flawless partner, and being vegan even though I had no idea how to get myself to let go of cheese and eggs at the time.

I wasn’t completely clear with my desires all the time, especially the ones I thought I didn’t deserve or I couldn’t see a realistic way to accomplish them. It didn’t seem fair for me to want to live in the middle of nowhere with my only job being to grow my own food and grow spiritually when the world’s pieces were multiplying. I didn’t think I deserved Nochi, my life partner, because – what did I give to receive such a gift? I had no answer. I’m glad I asked for him anyway because he’s helped me immeasurably in my 27th year.

The good thing is life listens to your inner self and still shows up with a bunch of cookies. The universe responds better when you’re tuned into yourself. In my 27th year, I made many big decisions; I learned how to trust my instincts. I was able to do what I believed in or wanted to do, all eventually without being stopped by the judgement of others.

This 27th year was a lot of work and there’s more to come. I look forward to it! I love looking back to see how I’ve grown. I didn’t see myself here, at an ideal direction of living I feel makes sense. A lot of people won’t understand or respect my decisions. This isn’t something I only understand but don’t practice: if I only get one life, there is NO point in living according to someone else’s expectations. Don’t they have their own life to attend to? I want a full life made up of MY choices. I also recommend to everyone to do a natal chart reading to learn more about yourself. Go Virgos!


I loved being 27! I’m on track to the life I want. Counting birthdays is irrelevant to me now. I’m forever 27 but I’ll reevaluate at 30 to see if that’s the new magic number haha. I love the aging process and I’m excited for a full head of gray hair. I sadly only have 2 strands right now. I think aging is a beautiful process.

For now, let’s all live our dreams so well that when we do sleep, both kinds of dreams are seamless. Even the ones where we fly!

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