I’m out of words to say.
No. What I mean is I feel everything needing to be said has already been given life through the sound of feeling and thought.
Does that mean I stay quiet?

Sometimes I’m too frustrated to sing the chorus again.
Everyone knows the chorus. The bridge.
The opening line sometimes trips us up.
It’s always on the tip of the tongue.
We usually break through from personal memory or we ask for help by singing part of the tune to someone else to break the borough of our collective memory. Or we look it up if we remember some random part of a verse.
Some of us get trapped for hours or even days trying to recall that song.

Where’s our dedication to the real music of life?
It’s singing plenty of songs about itself which is yourself, ourself.

I don’t know what to say because I’d just be rewriting a song you already know.
Yet… somehow we don’t hear things one way. That’s why resonance exists. You can hear the same song sung by different artists and feel one version better than the other.
I love Ed Sheeran’s voice everyday, but Beyonce just sings “XO” better to me. Adele’s cover of “Lovesong” is where it’s at for me.
It doesn’t seem there are any new chords or words to be discovered. We’re all just tuned into pieces arranged to resonate.
Now I’m thinking about the full composition.

If I’m possible is in impossible then… somewhere it exists!
I just don’t think it’s here on earth but I’m open to being surprised.

In a way there’s nothing new to say.

In a way I want to give up as much as I want to be the change, someone who resonates the right frequencies to beget an overhaul in someone. And if I might be so greedy hopeful, the world.

At first I thought I was closing out a song, or releasing a failed album to the seas – I am in a way. Endings are beginnings in reverse. As such, it seems I also found inspiration to compose some peace in another piece of sound.

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