Write On, Self. Right On.


The purpose of this blog, dearest self, is for you to fill it up with your unemcumbered thoughts. Instead we’ve managed a plataeu, a stalemate. Aren’t you supposedly writebrained? Where is the writing?!

Oh, I see. You’ve found yourself veggie bacon wrapped up in another excuse, another reason preventing you from making time. You’ve embarked into a new career and yes, it does swallow up most hours of your life. When you aren’t driving, you want to sleep. Finding sleep in a moving and loud vehicle is nothing short of difficult. It’s possible to get used to the rocky bumps and occasional hard braking, but once you find a peace in the movement, you are on another break that restarts your position. Alas, no more words will be spend on this reasonable excuse.

Other reasonal excuses? Insecurity. Let’s just accept it’ll never go away fully and just write anyway. Easy fixin’, difficult execution, but I know we can do this.

Third reasonal excuse? You just want a brain break, so you spend time watching media. Girl, that ain’t no break, but I hear you’ve given up watching TV. I saw you used to spend an hour, even sometimes almost 3 a day on consuming media. Great start. You are writebrained, a producer. You create content. You create more content than you consume. Remember that. I know you’ll continue to feel the desire to watch ANTM and other shows on the CW and Netflix, but you’ve rectified that with watching the occasional movie as well as YouTube vidoes exclusively picked in relation to the life you are curating. Good on you. I believe in you.

So, here we go yet again to igniting the sparks, no muses required even. Even if it feels shitty, post it. Why? Yeah you can do better, but better also comes from the bravery of showing when you don’t have it together. You are not a perfect machine. You are a person with the desire to be better and actions to prove it. Produce whatever comes, however it comes, and eventually you will find that space where nothing is ever shitty. Your shitty off day will be your 100% and your good days will be fiyah. So write on, self. Write the fuck outta these letters!

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