Write Around the Corner

If I don’t post once every fortnight or twice a month, I’m keeping myself accountable with an explanation.

It’s been an eventful 2 months. How’d my absence go on this long?

My partner suggested we evacuate from the social media sphere, which included blogging. We had taken breaks before, but always found our way back for usually two reasons. One was feeling we needed to keep up with the virtual Jones’s. We had knowledge and experiences we wanted to share. The second was the possibility of using social media to grow a brand. We made an account to post our vegan food, which we eventually let go of. There’s more to both, but I’m keeping it brief.

Something about being away felt really good this time. We both felt lighter, but more about this in the next post.

It was a successful break. Though we’re not jumping back into the entire world wide pool, I’m at least here, using this space as originally intended. Plus, there’s a style of writing I feel represents me and I need to write more to really sit comfortably in its pocket. Stay tuned. 

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