Plant Based Chef

One of the things vegans don’t tell you is making a lot of your own food often goes very wrong until it starts going right. This isn’t quite a bad thing – it’s a realization I had no true food self knowledge. Vegetarianism is not as challenging because, in my experience, adding cheese, butter, and/or mayo to anything instantly improves the taste of almost every dish.

Picking plants for my first ever garden!

And this plant based chef stuff? Well, shxt. I just want to be able to connect more with my food. Making most of what I eat myself (and recently growing it, too) has slowly become the life plan over the years. It’s amusing to me how almost everyone doesn’t trust the government, as seen with things like voting, but we put our trust in them to tell us what to eat.

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’ll tell you a thing. Food is one of the top ways we as a people are controlled. Look how you subtly and overtly try to control yourself with food, too. Who do you think you learned it from? I don’t need to provide a lengthy list of stats because myself, like you, have had enough personal experience to cover this arena. But just to be extra obvious, heart disease and stroke are the top killers of humans in the world. Look up what causes each of these. It took some extra digging to get to the why for strokes.

I am slipping into a tangent – all this to say I am going to go through the worthwhile “hassle” of learning how to make my own food regardless of how hard it is. It’s only hard right now because it’s the beginning. Though social media has its ehs and mehs, I figure one of the best ways I can help the world is to share alternative means to reduce not just animal cruelty, but the entire process that includes water waste, nutrient lost, land degradation, and adverse health effects associated with the standard diet.

Relevant side bar, my partner and I have an Instagram, Facebook, and incoming blog about all of this branded as Growing Couple. Look at all the goodies below!

And nope, I am not certified (maybe one day?) because I don’t want the responsibility of telling you what to do with yo boddy. I am not sharing as a means to tell you vegan life is bettah. It’s great for me right now, yep. The only person who knows your body is you, not some person who went to school to learn about a million ailments giving you an assessment of incomplete correlations. I want to say no offense to the standard doctors, but if you’re not taking a holistic approach that cures roots instead of the symptoms, then I can’t fuxks with you.

I am sharing so you know there’s more holistic and whole ways to eat. If the animals you eat eat plants, cows literally eat all the grass all day long, then why not bypass the middle manimal and get straight to the plants? I’m going to eat this way and perfect it anyway, might as well emblaze myself in the entrepreneurial emblem as Chef. Back in the day (still today, too honestly), a lot of people didn’t go to school to gain knowledge to become a professional. They just practiced. Practice makes reality.

Plants for my first ever garden!

Most importantly, I’d rather use myself as a plant based guinea pig rather than be the experiment of some uncaring, money hungry entity.

So, yes, I am a Plant Based Chef (or vegan chef). There’s lots of us, yes, but there isn’t enough of this good thing. I am new to experimenting from scratch, but I have been cooking for more than half my life. I’m self taught and I ain’t too bad if I do say so myself. I know a few homies who’ll back me up on the claim. Regardless, I trust myself. I trust the connection I am developing with food and its effects on my body. Can you say the same?

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