Computer Issues

I was 90% finished with “Jamaican Accent”. I merely needed to finish converting the files when my computer turned off abruptly and decided it didn’t want to turn back on.

I contacted the computer folks at Razer. They thought I was not using the right adapter (I broke the one that came with it and replaced it with a brand that wasn’t theirs). So, I ordered a charger from them. 

It took almost a week for it to get here. When I went to pick it up, it wasn’t there (or maybe it was?). I think the post office folks were behind because of the MLK holiday. 

Couldn’t go to the post office for another week because their hours are 9am – 3:30pm, aka most people work 8am – 5pm. Sigh. But it’s okay. In that time I came up with another idea to add to my little short story collection. I think, cool. A bonus idea came out of this!

Anyway, got the charger, hooked it into the laptop, tried to turn it on, nada. Ok, I think, maybe it needs to be charged a little first. I give it an hour. Nada.

I sit and simmer in equal parts sadness masked as rage and faith. Maybe an hour fifteen, I bargained. Hour and a half? 

Nope. Clearly something is up with the computer. I try not to think about how most of my files aren’t backed up, but I do. I have a draft of “Jamaican Accent”, which is pretty much all I care about, but it’s not the final draft. I’d need to edit it again. I can handle that, I imagine, but I feel slighted. 

Sigh. The computer is about a year old and frankly I’ve used it so very little. It’s incredible, the best of four laptops I’ve ever had, but none of my other ones gave me problems like this. Now I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me. Or maybe it’s just merely some battery glitch, a freak computer based issue that’ll cost me next to nothing to fix. 

Ah, faith again, faith pushing back the onslaught of worry and impatience…

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