Computer Fixed. “Jamaican Accent” Update.

Almost two months later, here I am typing from my laptop again. I’ve had three laptops before this one in my life. None of them were new and none of them gave me problems except the first two were big and bulky, and one of them got very, very hot easily. According to the Razer specialist, they fixed the battery and motherboard on this one without an explanation of how I messed it up in the first place.

Nonetheless, I’m grateful not only was my laptop fixed (though it’s having some hiccups I don’t understand at the moment), but all my files are still here! I was not looking forward to redoing my stories at all. Okay, that’s a lie.

Last month I went through this whole thing where I wondered if my laptop got funked up because I shouldn’t release the stories. My laptop issues, I concluded, was some grand universal gesture to stop me from embarrassing myself. I was one hour away from finishing. With such little time left to finish and the longer it took for me to get my laptop, of course I began to doubt if I should release “Jamaican Accent”.

Then there was my other theory: maybe I should just rewrite the whole thing! Perhaps the problem wasn’t the stories but the writing. I was too simplistic. I didn’t push enough. I wondered if the universe was saying I could and should do better and more now that I’ve had self imposed time to rethink things. Then I wondered, conversely, if this was a test to see if I would push through with my original vision of simplicity…

Honestly, I don’t the faqk know, but I’ve decided to just keep my stories as they are. Since my computer is still being a little hiccupish, I feel apprehensive about saying a definitive release date yet. Regardless, after uploading this post, I’m gonna finish backing up all my files on some elusive cloud, complete my final conversions, and then figure out my release date.

Maybe it’ll be fine, maybe it won’t, but either way, I’m done with the perpetual wondering. Take two here I am.

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