About “Jamaican Accent” (1/2)

The Idea.

I was experiencing the well dubbed writer’s block. I knew why, but I didn’t understand why I couldn’t push through. Suddenly I had a lot of free time and it was picking apart my confidence not knowing. My partner Cheeno suggested isolating myself by getting off all social mediums. My outlet options were guitar, art, or reading; the only thing I did was read a little. Most of the time I just talked to myself in my head and out loud. It was therapeutic, but not easy because I haven’t been alone for multiple hours daily in about 2.5 years. The second/third day of this media divorce, things shifted. I started letting go of the idea of the kind of writer I think I am or should be. As this persona started shedding, I thought of writing about my childhood. I really, really wanted to stick to the fantasy/supernatural genre and write something at least 100 pages long with lots of visual imagery – that was a huge part of my idea of my writer self – but that’s not what came out. What came out were these simple short semi autobiographical stories about me.

The Title.

It’s simply the idea of a childhood accented by where I grew up – Jamaica. As I was writing, it just popped into my head and felt right.

The Writing Process.

It was easy. These stories were some of the easiest I ever wrote and you’ll be able to tell. I say this not to brag (although it feels good to), but because it reminded me of how I used to write as a child in Jamaica and as a preteen the first few summers in America. It was like I was made up of words instead of atoms. I felt free. I was having fun. I was lost in the world of my past. There is truth in writing what you know. If you’re blocked, going back to your roots, what you know, can be therapeutic to release blockages.

The Intention.

I want to convey simplicity. I want it to feel as if all the words roll of your mind and tongue with ease, like a preteen wrote it with some help from her English teacher, haha. I don’t want reading it to be difficult. I want it to feel like I didn’t give a faqk about what makes a good writer except you write, share, and that’s enough, that’s worthwhile.

Part 2 available tomorrow!

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