About “Jamaican Accent” (2/2)

Read part 1.

The Cover.

My idea was to portray a carefree young black girl. Cheeno did a cool job. My eyes are closed to imply unabashed innocence. My mouth is open and all but shouting into the world “wah gwaan?”, which is written on my tongue in the picture and means “what’s up?” or “what’s going on?”. The background is bright and colorful, the way I remember childhood and Jamaica felt like visually.

The Audiobook.

This was Cheeno’s idea. He only reads specific things and was taking days to read the first draft of my stories. I was too excited and ready to go to wait for him to get around to it. I had no idea how much work making an audiobook was. I had issues with background noises, my computer audio, sending the files, playing around with different ideas to make it unique, the conversion processes, deciding if an edit to the ebook meant edits to audiobook, and figuring out the best no cost but easy-to-get-to-people-way to upload the files. It’s easier now after the fact, but it still takes time. Regardless, I’m glad I did it. You get to hear me speak some patwah, the Jamaican dialect.

99 Laptop Problems.

Yep. I had them. You probably heard about them, too. I had three audio files and the document to PDF to convert, upload, and edit on my blog. I was going to release it January 31 I think. My laptop turned off during the final conversion. I didn’t think anything of it. I assumed it overheated. Then there were the delays in life, trying to get it to a computer store, finding my receipt to get it fixed for free through the manufacturer, work hours conflicting with getting to the mailbox for two weeks, shipping, fixing, return times, and then again work hours conflicting with mailbox hours another two weeks. I legit thought I should give up and not release it. Then I wondered if it was a test. Whatever it was, March 8th here I come!

Final Thoughts.

I’m kinda scared of course. First, it’s sort of autobiographical after all, but I get to hide behind the reader not knowing what’s fact or fiction, which simmers the fears a lot. But if someone who’s in the story recognizes part or some of the truth – awkward! Second, it feels too simplistic and elementary, but I wasn’t going for complicated and perfect, just for what felt good to do. It’s hard to say, “I didn’t shoot for my perfect best” and expect people to care, because then the only other option seems to be mediocrity. I had no a professional editor for any of it. It’s self published and thereby a little dusty. Jamaican Accent was easy. In our world, easy has a negative connotation in this context, but easy doesn’t mean worthless.

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