Jamaican Accent is Now Available

7 Reasons to Order

  1. This is a little weird, awkward, and embarrassing but I’m doing it anyway. That makes me brave. You like brave people.
  2. You get to know a little about little Nadia. How’d I become the monster I am today? 
  3. You’re supporting someone you know, even if we just know each other on the internet. I’m no celebrity or one of their ads. 
  4. It comes with an audiobook and I speak the Jamaican dialect of patwah on it. You love the Jamaican accent. 
  5. It’s only $8. Plus you can get my poetry eBook along with it at a discount for $10 – BOGO 40%.
  6. Two people read it and said it was “curious yet satisfying, and somehow warm” and “very authentic and personal”. Believe them though they might be biased.
  7. [Insert your reason why you should here so you’re at least a 14.28571429% motivated to. I did the actual math.]

Enjoy this childhood accented by Jamaican cultured lens.

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