Thanks for Your Support!

Releasing this book of stories has reminded me of something I’ve always wanted to do: connect more with the producers (such as artists) I know. I want to thank everyone who ordered “Jamaican Accent so far – most of which were surprises I didn’t even see coming! Feels like y’all have a secret piece of me.

Getting some kind of service from people you already know is circulating the love right back to them. It’s saying “our relationship is important” or “I’m happy to know you” in some way.

Sometimes we may not even want or need what they’re selling or servicing. That’s okay because there’s other ways to support people. I’ve had friends and family post about my book, for example, and that gave me just about as much joy as them buying it. It felt like that were proud of me and didn’t mind telling people I did a thing. So, spread the word like a generous helping of syrup on pancakes about what your friends and family are doing. It doesn’t have to be all about spreading news articles.

If you can spot the cash but you don’t want to buy what they’re selling, you can donate. Donations still help fund them to do what they’re doing independently. I have friends who paint, but I don’t need their art because my partner paints and our place is full of them. I still wanna show some love to my homie, so there’s still the option of spreading the word or donating.

Instead of or in addition to supporting that celebrity or Instagram influencer, invest in your friends and family. Theirs might not look as polished with high def pictures and premium quality (because they may not have the capital like these already independent and established people), but don’t forget that’s (supposedly) your framily.

I’m not asking for donations or for you to spread the word about me, but instead to be more conscientious about the people around you who are already doing things corporations, celebrities, and other outside entities are trying to do. Circulate the love/energy/money back into your own community first. That’s one of my goals for this year.

If you do a thing (any kind of service be it art or not), please let me know. I want to do a monthly post on my social mediums about what my community is doing.

(even if you follow me and we don’t interact, you’re still my community).

Once more, thanks for all forms of your support!

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