Creative Writing to Come.

I’ve finally hit another writing breakthrough.

I’ve learned a lot the last few years about not pushing something when I’m not feeling it. Waiting for the feeling comes with many moments of questioning myself and a plethora of negative thoughts.

I’m here… I think.
  • Am I just being lazy? I’m probably being lazy.
  • Am I just making excuses not to take action by awaiting some elusive ~feeling? I’m full of excuses. Inspiration is not real. You just do.
  • Am I cheap? Maybe I shouldn’t have wasted time and money starting something new.
  • What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just DO it?!

And so forth…

There’s a natural flow to things, especially creative things. Forced creativity or creating out of guilt always results in me hating whatever I make. Once in awhile, forcing myself actually helps me break through, but that only happens when I was making excuses in the first place, not being open and one with the creative flow.

Some things really are about timing.

After 3 weeks of playing far too much Stardew Valley (a farming game I’m glad I played to be honest), I’ve finally hit my writing stride again. I’m waking up at 3/4am with ideas to write rather than combing through every single worry in my life and out of my control. I’m starting my day off with writing and, as my friend mentioned, once you do something productive in the morning, you feel accomplished for the rest of the day. Maybe all that sand and sun helped, too.

I’ll still be doing blogish/articley/thought-like posts, but I’ll be integrating more of my creative side. I’m not worried about it being any good or perfect. I just want to express, explore, and share it for free until I find my stride. The point of Writebrained is to have an outlet to write more creatively anyway.

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