Before There Was Time

Before there was Time, all of the Present accepted itself as subject to Change. There was no reason to look behind or forward, to have a Past or Future. The Present was always enough and if not, Change would come. It always did. All Souls had Faith in Change and it’s Mother, the Universe.

Nonetheless, Restlessness eventually haunted the Present of some Souls. They believed change required too much Patience and Faith and seemed far too unstable to be trusted. As a result, there was Distrust. Restlessness and Distrust became a council who desired control over Change. They created Time to measure and regulate Past, Present, and Future.

Eventually, there was less need for Faith as almost all Future desires could be measured by Time. Souls could almost always calculate when Change would occur. They’d use Time to look at their Past to see how to alter the Future. It started off, as all things do, with small calculations until almost all things became measurable.

As such, Separation and its children, to Forget and Remember, were born as the final and most detrimental consequence to the abuse of Time. Many Souls forgot they were In-Human bodies, not Humans. All Souls were the same, merely fragments of one whole. Their humanoid bodies of expression were a powerful yet contrasting vibration of the infinite creativity of its owner. With Time, Souls forgot their direct connection to the Universe and thus their personal power. Instead they trusted Time and it’s children, who created power hierarchies of various governments. Almost all responsibility to the sovereignty of the Soul was forgotten and given away.

The constant dismemberment from lack of Faith in Change and by extension, the laws of the Universe itself, created Separation in all those who forgot they were not their bodies. Human problems of discrimination began to thrive with Time. Humans cried out for Change, but as Change was subject to Human’s association to the council of Time and governments, there became Waiting. In the Waiting for the Present and Future to Change, wars thrived. Though Change often seemed to follow, old patterns repeated themselves eventually under the rulership of Time.

All of the Present evolved technologically. Technology, the new face of Time, was an external projection of the internal power of a Soul who hadn’t forgotten it’s In-Human. Many Humans relied heavily on Technology, but a few recognized its familiarity in themselves. They started to remember they were In-Humans through various means. As all Souls are connected, they began to share with each other their origin stories. Some were deemed crazy while Faith was recreated for others.

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