You Can Now Order My Books on Lulu!

One thing brought to my attention that I didn’t consider was the possibility my books would preferably be ordered anonymously. Paypal currently doesn’t provide the option to do so. I also found out Paypal can be challenging if you’re using it from other countries.

As such, both Jamaican Accent” and “Rumblings are now available on Lulu*! There, I won’t have any idea who the buyer is and it’s also a little less work for me anyway. The link to the audiobook files for “Jamaican Accent” can be found on the page titled “Audiobook Notes” in the eBook PDF.

*You will also notice both eBooks are $0.99 extra. This includes the hosting fee, bandwidth, credit card transaction, and commission incurred from using Lulu. I hope this isn’t too much of a financial inconvenience for you.


No longer on Lulu as of December 24, 2019. Click here instead. 

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