The Justification of Millennial Entitlement

At this point, we’ve all seen something that says Gen Y/Millennials (1981-1996, 23-38 years old) are entitled. We’re this between generation of so many country and world transitions, ones threatening to divide the entire planet. We’re constantly bridging old thought with new perspective like a proper peace keeper. It feels as if we’re the krazy clue helping Baby Boomers and Gen X understand things like the new tech of today while assisting Gen Z in understanding the importance of history.

Without us, it does feel as if the “adults” will take the rights of the “kids” because they don’t understand them, all the while not realizing the kids are that way because some adults pawn off some parenting to tech and teachers. It’s not Gen Z who developed technology. It can feel like a war of ageism.

This job we’ve been given as millennials is exhausting. Because we don’t want to just take it, cue the blame game and the name calling, that we’re entitled. Why shouldn’t we? Our parents and grandparents and those before made so many bad economical, political, familial, monetary, environmental, religious, and international decisions. Millennials are the clean up crew for the generational pile up on the highway of life.

For example, we’re told to get an education as it’s the only way forward, but the politics behind loans to get there is one of profit. So many of us have more student debt than days we’ve been alive. Each day we live costs more than we make. We can’t move too much forward because our money goes into overpriced everything, including basic essentials like shelter and food. Even if we do get the education and it’s debt, we don’t often get a job that pays enough to take care of the debt and the cost of living or even in a job in the field we want. We would hardly be able to save up for living actual life. Young people are delaying buying houses and starting a family because it’s unaffordable.

Is it surprising why instant gratification is problematic?

Millennials are tired of explaining the ramifications of our predecessors’ ill actions. So we take the pills, the alcohol, we go out, we buy the newest, and we fall for the get rich quick schemes because we wanna feel good too in this unfair race called life. Who raised us and let us down in the same sentence? Why is it puzzling the following generation is also being labeled entitled? I see some millennials teaching the next to continue the fight, yes fight!, but I see us even looking down on the next as well because it’s as if they have no idea what it’s like to be the middle sibling. We’ve gotta be better than those before, but again, being between, how can we live a full life when our life is filled with cleaning up the past? Is our fate to accept we won’t except for a few outliers?

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