I’m due in 3 days, or whenever baby decides, so it’s beyond primetime I disengage from blogging and social media in general this week. For how long? As long as I please! 4-6 weeks is prime recovery for the body, but it takes much longer, months even, to adjust to life with a baby. Lack of sleep is coming, they say. I’m certainly not going to rush back!

I’ve got a short story queued on my due date that’ll auto publish on Facebook as well. To those who only read my posts via Instagram Stories, I won’t post this one there until I return. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing new for yah!

In the Meantime…

There’s still plenty on my blog to go back and reread! Everything is organized into categories and tagged.

You can also visit my ebook store. I have a 44 poetry collection, Rumblings (2014, revised 2018), and a thirteen story semi autobiographical collection plus an audiobook, Jamaican Accent (2019). Both ebooks are currently listed at a discount during my absence!

If you missed the earlier announcement, Writing Consultation is temporarily on hiatus as well. Return date to be announced.

… Coming Soon

Expect more authentic, fearless content! I’ve dabbled hesitantly on a few of my perspectives and I want to engage more boldly upon my return on things I’m passionate about. I’d love to do as many or more creative pieces than opinion ones as well.

My blog will also include quite a few posts on pre and post pregnancy as well. I have a few pre written posts already on, for example, what I will and won’t miss about pregnancy and why I most likely won’t post pictures of the baby online, and I’ve yet to write what I learned about birth and parenthood because neither is here yet. I have also been thinking of doing videos!

What else? The follow up to Jamaican Accent is coming post natal! I’ve got about 70% of it written so far. The first two people who can guess its title will get the ebook for half off a week before it’s publicly available! Just message me privately anywhere. While I’m gone, you have plenty of time to read and/or listen to Jamaican Accent!

Thanks for reading, providing feedback, and the good energy. See yah!

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