Purchase 2 *NEW* Short Stories for $2.99!

So far I’ve posted almost 10 free and original short stories on my blog this year!

Considering I’ve had this blog for years and only posted the occasional poem and I went through pregnancy and birth this year, that’s not too bad.

If you missed any, check out the list here to catch up and consider writing a review.

I recently wrote two more short stories, but these will be for purchase. They will be the first in the Two Tales series.

Every couple of weeks/months I’ll put together a new volume with two original shorts along with individual ebook covers. If you like any of my previous stories, you’ll enjoy these as well.

And yes, I’ll still post a few free short stories here and there, too.

What’s in Two Tales Vol 1?

When he fed, I couldn’t help but think my milk was holy and he was consistently being baptized and reborn after every drink.” Milk Manifesto tells of a mom and newborn’s experience with breastfeeding.

I came from a place so hot everything cracked.Rainbow explores finding a rainbow after a drought.

Where can you find it?

Enjoy these two little reads this weekend!