2020 Vision

Maybe you’re like me, someone who believes there will be a shift in consciousness in 2020. You might have felt the shift already happening in and/or around you last year. After all, 2020 is a symbolic number, one denouncing the clear and sharp vision of 20/20.

2020 is considered an angel number, one containing divine guidance in numerology. The mystical meaning of 2020, according to trustedpsychicmediums.com, is faith and trust in relationships, serving people you love, empowerment, consideration, compassion, responsibility, giving attention to our feelings, flexibility, and potential.

You don’t need to necessarily believe in anything I mentioned above. There’s plenty of evidence our reality is just a bunch of numbers or mathematical structures – if you believe in science.

Even Christians feel seven is a divine number because God rested on the 7th day. We also talk about golden birthdays, things happening in threes, and attach a lot of life around numbers (1, 13, 18, 21, 30, e.t.c). To some extent, we all believe in numbers; work 40 hours and only get $1 for it and see how you’d feel with those numbers!

The point is 2020, like any other day or year, can be whatever you make it. A lot of people’s energies are already synched to 2020 as a year of positive moving change. Things will shift either because it’s a symbolic year, or because we believed and it became true, or both. Either way, it’s a ripe opportunity to tap into a high frequency focused on clarity and sharpness to get whatever you want.

2020 is all about abundance (money, spirituality, business) and authenticity (expect some “controversial” posts) for me. I’ve ticked things off my goals list last year because why wait for the new year to start giving the best to myself? I find that waiting makes it harder. Some things you just gotta go for.

Pick from the 2020 symbolic meanings a word closest to your desire and start an action based plan. Finding what works to spark change is tough as shxt. I was doing the same things and wishing for a new result like a cyclepath. But here’s the thing:

Life doesn’t have to be at its worst to prompt change. Sometimes it’s asking questions until you realize your belief is skewed against you. Sometimes it’s doing the opposite of your usual. You have to do something different until it creates a domino effect. Staying in a non beneficial cycle does not have to be your reality. You have to be your own Neo and heal your vision.

Here’s to 2020:20/20.

May you experience your goals in real time all the time.

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