Thought Energy, A Theory

This is very different from what I usually write, but I feel it’s just as important to drop this kind of thing onto the page. It may read a little dense or a little familiar. Try listening to the audio version, too.

The other morning I woke up and immediately knew I was not feeling entirely like myself. Before becoming a full time student of moi, I would have noticed this and dismissed it callously with a brief thought sounding something like this: “Oh that’s just life. Sometimes you just wake up feeling bad.” That was that and I hoped the feeling would wash off in my morning shower, be swallowed down with breakfast, get held up in morning traffic, or get lost between the happenings of my day.

I don’t quite know how to explain energy. Before I understood it from personal experience, explanations sounded either too scientific or too hippy, both of which I had a hard time grasping and relating to. I had to learn to pay attention. It took years of work to get to this understanding.

Energy is like a feeling such as the one described above. What I experienced was “getting up on the wrong side of the bed”, a well known phrase. But, what does it mean?

I believe humans are connected telepathically. Ever been minding your own business and someone randomly pops into your head? From my perspective, that person was thinking about you. That thought is energy. When strong enough, the thinker’s mind connects to yours, thus you think of them. I know I’ve wondered why people pop into my head for “no reason”.

If your mind is open or idle, you get swept up in thinking about them, too. If your mind is guarded, you will close the telepathic connection by not thinking about the thinker. Every started thinking about someone and “forget” or get distracted from the thought? They closed the connection on you.

All of that to say, when you supposedly get up on the wrong side of bed, someone was sending telepathic energy by thinking of you. These thoughts can be negative or positive, but if it’s the wrong side, they probably weren’t thinking of the best you.

This was the first time I sensed this negative telepathic energy consciously. With a little investigation, I immediately knew I’d felt this feeling before. I knew the energetic signature of the thinker because I had allowed them in the past to infiltrate my energy, thus altering my mood negatively.

Now this isn’t about blaming someone else. A lot of these exchanges are unconscious. I’m sure if we all realize these connections, that people perhaps can tell the frequency (high/good or low/not-so-good), they’d caution what they think more. I’m personally embarrassed about some things I’ve thought of others and wouldn’t allow such things to be thought if I knew they would find out.

This may sound like some wacky theory happening only to me. But I know what I felt, wacky or not. I’m not writing this for validation, just perspective. My partner has been working on himself longer and is excellent at sensing when other people are pushing (intentionally but mostly unconsciously) their energy to him. I asked him for a solution.

I am not my thoughts,” he told me firmly. I repeated it because the thoughts I was having were incongruent with how I felt about myself. So maybe, just maybe someone was sending me their thoughts and being asleep, I was not as energetically guarded from this telepathy. I knew this wasn’t my energy because the night before I was talking about my growth and how excellent I’ve been feeling. There was no reason to wake up feeling badly. That’s not life as I previously naively believed.

After I said I wasn’t my thoughts, I felt lighter. It helped I believed what I was saying. I immediately closed the telepathic connection by not thinking about the person and their thoughts of me. My energy returned to peak. I felt more like me and I guarded my mind from more infiltration.

If this sounds a little confusing, other well known examples of telepathic energy we sometimes dismiss are:
• Feeling discomfort around someone but not know why, you just get a “bad vibe”
• Walking into a room and knowing immediately you were being talked about (you just have a feeling about it)
• Someone saying “o.m.g I was just thinking about you!” when you did think of them before calling/texting
• Thinking the same thing as someone (“we’re on the same wavelength”, “I was just thinking that!”, “jinx, you owe me a soda!”)

In these examples we feel something (thought energy). A lot of times we dismiss it by saying we’re paranoid. Heck, we may be accused of being vain. The thing is we think so quickly the thinker may not consciously know they thought about you, while your open, vulnerable self picks up the thought energy quick due to years of self doubt. You become a magnetic for picking up on negative energy directed at you, even fleeting ones.

Remember, you are not the thoughts other people think of you. I’m not saying their thoughts may be completely invalid, but they’re not the gospel of all that you are either. You have the power to send thought energy and protect yourself from it, too.

Did you gain perspective from my theory on telepathic energy from reading this? Were you thinking what I was thinking? Let me know!