The Mind Protects The Heart At All Costs

The mind 🧠 protects the heart 💚 at all the costs. Read below or listen.

To all my people out there who think a lot, our mind is doing its job… but in overtime. The mind deserves peace, too, or it’s gonna get tired. The mind wants to be focused on our expansion rather than our protection. Our hearts aren’t broken. It’s whole, but it’s hurt. I’m learning how to use the power of my mind to empower the heart instead because our whole being deserves peace.

The mind will choose to protect the heart over the body, too, so if you have any bad habits (like overeating, watching or consuming a lot of media, alcohol, drugs, etc) you can’t shake, my darlings, our heart is in turmoil and the mind is taking it out on the body. It’s better to have such a powerful force encouraging us rather than mostly focused on protecting us. Imagine how incredible we’d be if our mind worked this hard on getting our goals accomplished!

Teachers and gurus always say to befriend the (monkey) mind, but if you’re a thinker like me, your mind knows what you’re trying to do, HAHA. As soon as it senses me trying befriend it, it knows my ulterior motive is to take my power back. So, nope, I can’t at this time be friends, but we’re working on a partnership because the mind doesn’t love the job it has. It’s burning out, however, it won’t give up the power until it’s sure my heart can handle the things it’s been protecting me from for 30 years. My mind is ride (partners) or die (“selfless” protector).

How do I know my mind is protecting me?

If I quiet my mind,
I’d have to heal decades of neglecting my heart.

I was doing breathwork. If you’re not familiar with breathwork, I suggest you check it out because Google is a thing. One thing I’ll say is there’s a lot of unhealed experiences throughout life and these become lodged within our bodies, stored and manifested as fat, aches, pains, and diseases. Breathwork can help you move these to the surface to be processed and released. I was skeptical about this until I tried it myself.

During breathwork I felt my mind blocking me from realizing how much untapped emotions I had all over my body. We focus so much on how the outer skin organ looks rather than how the inner organs feel, especially the stomach (I’m prone to eating my feels). My partner is so intuned with himself he can feel which organ doesn’t appreciate a meal, alcohol, or smoking. I don’t have that, but during breathwork I felt all the emotions I never processed in my gut. It felt like a large, dense, undigested piece of meat (I don’t say that because I’m vegan lulz).

The mind is truly a powerful and great thing. It can imagine anything and find ways for said things to become a reality. Sometimes it feels like it’s my foe rather than my friend and protector. I love my mind. It’s beautiful. My goal is to experience continuous mind-heart-body-soul connections.

Thank you for your service Mind, but it’s time to heal.