Rebirth: Death of the Non Physical Self

Rebirths aren’t just for the religious and the near death type experiences. They come from intentional spiritual drug use, water fasts, and it can be a slow domino effect appearing like a loud crescendo if you weren’t paying attention.

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Society’s obsession with labeling rebirths with a mostly negative connotation is no surprise. We act as if people don’t change everyday. If you’re learning, you’re always changing. People often just don’t act on wisdom. Our addiction to the malcontent of the status quo causes us to choose the same.

Before questioning someone’s changes, we must recognize we’re giving a verdict based on how we would feel in their shoes. Questioning how a person reached their change for understanding is different from inquiring with the (un)conscious intention of telling them about their experience. I get it. You wanna offer a different lens, but we have to give people space to go through their changes, good, fugly, and bad. Swiping your cancel culture badge at anything you don’t like is irresponsible and disrespectful to you.

Self growth, changing means living through the repercussions of people’s expectations of who you’ve always been.

When a physical death occurs, there are stages of grief. When a non physical death happens and the body is still here, it’s used a punching bag. Each strike to the body says, “how dare you change how I’ve always known you?!” What’s really being asked is, “how dare you change my expectation of you and how you to make me feel”. We’re really mourning our vision of things.

Let people change no matter what you think about it. There will most likely be a day you experience your own rebirth or question your life. Quarter and mid life crises happen because we don’t allow ourselves to use rebirths to reinvent ourselves. Instead we worry about how other people will feel or what they’ll say instead of reserving that concentration of thought for ourselves.

“To love someone long term is to attend a thousand funerals of the people they used to be”.

Heidi Priebe

With an inner death of some part of one’s self, it’s harder for people to let go of the self they knew you to be in any relationship. We get into intimate relationships not knowing if it’ll grow stronger, weaker, or hostile. Parents must do what they can for their kids knowing one day said child might reject everything to mold their own path. We make friends knowing they’ll become our non blood family, fade, or twist into enemies.

We make long term decisions not really knowing for certain what kind of rebirth will occur. We vote for, believe in, and value people never knowing if our expectations will work in our favor or if the silent or spoken promises will be kept, yet we still do it despite instincts, logic, and forgiveness. Everything and everyone rebirths, but in varying degrees and occurrences.

Qué será, será; the future’s not ours to see; let it be.

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