Shadow Self

Shadow work always sounded like some weird voodoo black magic thing.

The same way you have an untouchable but physically present shadow that goes often ignored and unnoticed, the same goes for this ~mysterious shadow self, the self that gets the same treatment.

I thought being a “good girl” meant I was absent of and above a shadow self, but ones like us are the darkest of them all.

Wholeness includes darkness
Wholeness includes darkness

A light self isn’t inherently a good or positive thing. I’ve done things with positive intentions that were received negatively. A shadow self isn’t inherently a bad or negative thing. I’ve done things that felt like they were bad, but in contrast gave me a sense of deep, inner freedom.

People have their own version of the “right” thing. It’s just that most people’s right matches the majority, but we all know the majority isn’t always correct. You may call that ignorance, but to the other side, you’re the very same word.

We emerge from the dark womb into the black sun light. When we close our eyes at night or in death, it’s to blackness. It’s just part of it, darkness.

All things in balance ◐… I struggle on that balance…

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