Self Destruct

A quote says it’s not whole death we often seek, but the death of the parts of the self that hurts.

As I see it, we all have versions of the self based on experiences and ideas. Some call that ego, I’ll call it self.

It’s easier to want to destroy the parts of ourselves we aren’t fond of, but as my last post said, wholeness includes darkness. Destroying undesirable parts also hurts the desirable aspects because everything touches. A lot of traumas made us stronger. Whether the pain should have happened or not, here we are stronger and/or messed up.

Self destructive
Pressing the [self] destruct button
To see if there’s any [me] left

At at the risk of sounding absolutely destructive, what about destroying the parts we’re fond of? What will be left over of who we feel and think we are if we’ve stripped away all concepts? Is it even possible? Can there be a no self? Egolessness?

I don’t think it’s possible, but I believe in a lot of impossible things and lots of supposed impossibilities have occurred in my life, so maybe it is possible. Possibly.

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