Cloth Diapers & Eco Friendly Diapering

I’ve wanted to write about cloth diapers, but I never knew where to start. I also felt partly unmotivated by how much I had to write! I’ve finally got it done in partnership with KeaBabies. I broke it down into two articles.

The first is exclusively about cloth diapers, particularly pocket diapers. They’re my favorite! I cover what they are, how much you need, cost, how to wash them, and more.

My 27 cloth diaper stash for under $200.

I’ve been cloth diapering full time for 13 months, and I’m very proud of it! I consider myself an expert at this point.

Cloth diapering can be a challenge. There’s plenty of information out there filled with guilt-inducing statistics, but this will just give you a straight idea of where you can start. 

Z at the beach.

The second article focuses on creating an earth friendly diaper routine, even if you’re not using cloth diapers. I cover alternatives to wet wipes, dryer sheets, and more.

We’re all doing our best to make the world a better place. This is especially true when we have kids.

It isn’t just diapers babies go through when it comes to diapering. There are repeated daily cleanings involved. I’m going to give you all the alternatives I employ to create an overall earth-friendly baby bum life.


If you didn’t find what you need from these articles, please contact me and I’ll answer all questions you have. Thank you!

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