Enter: Ads Manager

Writing and I have had an interesting relationship since we met. We’ve both redefined what we mean to each other every couple of years. Words are love language. They rip me up as much as they put me back together because I believe in the power of language.

I began freelancing a few months ago, and I’ve been loving it! Working from home with writing has been a ☆dreality☆ (re: dream + reality). However, I felt like I could do more with my Copywriting…

Adin Strategies Ad Management

Help us help you find your ideal ads growth strategies.

Taking on Facebook and Instagram advertising was not something I ever foresaw doing. Why? I’ll be honest. I thought it was for sleazy, gimmicky kinds of people who talk too fast and make promises they can’t keep. Ugh, and they always wear suits. So stuffy!

I also looked down on consumerism and held my head high when I said, “I’m a minimalist.” Oh, how tactfully bourgeois! I’m not better than anyone else.

I had no idea there was another side to ads – storytelling. To me it’s about conveying a client’s brand story in a way that births connections with people who eventually become customers. When people feel connected to the person or brand, they are moved to act. In the case of advertising, they’re moved to buy.

Because of how I feel about words, my values for who I work with is particular. It has to be someone providing something I believe in, something I know will transform someone’s life and add value to it. Otherwise, I’m a sleazy, gimmicky sellout.

So, come all ye coaches, health centered leaders, and local businesses in virtual capes from across the world. I’m here to work with folks who want to pass on transformative information, but are having a hard time putting it into words or just don’t have time for it. FB/IG ads isn’t as DIY as it seems.

What Does Ad Management Include?

Here’s what I offer:

• a unique and in depth onboarding process to identify key concepts for ad copies
• mentorship to provide FB/IG post content and how to improve freebie offers, webinars, etc
• target audience research for ads
• click-worthy original ad copies
• landing page copy that inspires action
• email nurture sequences to change customer temperature (cold > warm > hot)
• monthly ads management to perfect targeting and metrics, including tweaking ad copies, retargeting, building look-a-like and custom audiences, and other often missed key components to a successful ad campaign.

If you or someone you know wants to tell their business’ story and inspire people to an according action, let me know. I’d love to work my passion of words and my affinity for ad analytics with someone who has something transformative to share.

Find my Ads Management (and Copywriting) business website at www.adinstrategies.com and find me on in @adinstrategies on Instagram.

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