The Write Goodbye, A Final Post

When I started my Writebrained blog, it was an exercise for me to claim my personal title of Writer. I didn’t know what I wanted my blog to be about, but I knew I wanted to create a safe space made of full expression.

What happened instead?? Almost everything I wrote was mental and consistently tainted by “just enough to still be liked”. I still can’t seem to open up fully, y’all. I’m too afraid to make any stand that isn’t middle-ish because I don’t want to offend anyone and thereby lose people. I don’t like the idea of being crazy or the villain in someone’s perspective.

I can’t grow being overly concerned by other people’s ideas, whether as a protagonist, supporting character, or top 10 least likable villains of all time. I have gotten more courageous over time, but I can’t keep up this blog of a half self that isn’t really there anymore.

Overall, I look at this blog with gratitude. I appreciate all of you for reading and sending me messages! I did become more than just a Creative Writer here. I became a paid Freelance Writer! Now I’m a Copywriter and Ads Manager, too. I feel great about the titled accomplishments, but I know it’s still not complete.

What’s Next?

I’m no longer posting on my Writebrained-gram as well because it feels forced and redundant because I have a fam-gram. I thought it was weird when couples share an account, but I see now it’s because they start to see the exact same vision even more clearly. When both minds are aligned, even greater things happen!

I’ll exclusively post on @inczn, our family account, if you want to follow there instead. We also have a Facebook.

I will keep Writebrained updated with my parenting contribution blogs and other guest post features, but as far as new blog articles and creative pieces here, I don’t see it happening anymore.

I’m still open for freelancing, be it Copywriting, Copyediting, and Proofreading.

For Ads Copywriting & Management with Facebook and Instagram, reach out via, and follow @adinstrategies for business, sales, and marketing tips.

As my final gesture of thanks, I’m giving away every book I’ve ever written for free if you want to read them!

See you on INCZN (or nah because learning to let go of the idea people have of me in their minds so I can see and love myself from my perspective more clearly…)!

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