Simply just another being curating an other wordily experience.

As far as she sees it, Nadia has always been creatively writing. Stories have always found their way into her mind and demand to be spellbound into reality.

Her early childhood was filled in with mental wandering, worlds unfolding between the quiet moments of corporeal reality. She started writing with pencil and paper in Jamaica, but unfortunately her childhood writings have been swallowed by a Caribbean storm.

When she finally got a computer in her early teens, Nadia had a hard time keeping up with the pace of her fantastical mind despite the edge of electronical transcribing. Still she continued writing, spending her first three American summers behind the computer. Nadia attributes her early damaged eyesight to late nights and extensive hours on the computer as well as reading in a moving vehicle, sometimes at night between light posts.

The pressure to produce writings acceptable as a career began draining Nadia’s creative well the year before she went to college. She attempted Journalism as a major for a year and hated it. She took on Psychology instead of English under the guise of “being able to psychologically understand her characters in depth”. In reality, she had grown afraid she was not creative enough.

She struggled for over a decade to write from the place of pure imaginative passion as she once did as a child. It was through deep self work, what one might call spirituality, Nadia began releasing the expectations of outside validation of her writing performance.

Nadia now moves through writing from a place where there are no eggshells. If there are any, she stomps her way across, grinds the shells into dust, and uses it to make paper – creatively speaking. She writes about the parts of life often spoken about only in one’s mind to help her reclaim her unlimited access to the creative source within and without.

Nadia is a creative writer to herself, a mother to Zero, and a loyal partner to Cheeno. She enjoys the roles aforementioned, van life, minimalism, cooking vegan, the beach, nature, the occult, and writing this dynamic third person biography.

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