A Mind Full of Color

A poetry ebook (May 2020)

A sophomore poetry book collection of 30 poems uncovering creativity, spirituality, lifestyle choices, humanity, transformation, and more. Open your mind to the incomplete, disastrous, lengthy, theatrical, amazing, shameful, short, beautiful, magical, colorful, and black laced.

Jamaican Accent: Stories of a Childhood in Jamaica

An eBook and Audiobook (March 2019)

A semi autobiographical collection of 13 stories of the author’s childhood years in Jamaica. It’s a genuine look into events remembered through a blend of naivety and curiosity. With an element of mystery, the audience is left at the end of every story wondering where fact and fiction ends or begins.


A poetry eBook (revised December 2018)

A freshman poetry book collection of 44 poems loosely organized into themes exploring the deeper parts of the mind, self in society, love, inner madness, and self work. It was first released as a hard copy October 2014 and revised into an eBook December 2018 with two additional poems.

Short Stories

Every couple of weeks/months I’ll put together a new volume with two original shorts along with individual ebook covers called Two Tales.

Two Tales Vol. 1 (2019)

Two Tales I: Rainbow & Milk Manifesto

I came from a place so hot everything cracked.Rainbow explores finding a rainbow after a drought. 

When he fed, I couldn’t help but think my milk was holy and he was consistently being baptized and reborn after every drink.” Milk Manifesto tells of a mom and newborn’s experience with breastfeeding.

Free Ebooks For Writers

How To Easily Become A Freelance Writer

A FREE Guide (October 2020)

This guide provides three fully proven ways you can start your freelancing hobby, career, passion – whichever! I give you in depth insight (as a Freelancer) on each tip to get you started right away in some capacity. Plus, I included a couple of amazing bonuses!