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I’ve been fortunate to represent my Writebrained Live brand and expand my portfolio on different platforms doing various projects. Please check out some of my writing on other websites below. If you’d like to write a guest blog feature for your blog, please contact me.

KeaBabies | Parenting

Cloth Diapering Basics: Learn all about cloth diapers. What are they? How do you use and care for them?

Eco Friendly Diapering: Learn how to create the ultimate earth friendly diapering.

Things Alternative Moms Do: Moms like me homeschool, eat vegan, are minimalists, and more!

Moms Make Great Best Friends: If you didn’t know, now you will!

Van Life With A Baby: Van life is quite the alternative lifestyle. Doing it with a baby is even more unique.

Unique Things Babies Teach Us: From deep breathing to intuitive eating, here are a few things babies teach us that we don’t normally consider.

A Father’s View On Motherhood: How does one dad see motherhood? Click to read more.

How to Reset Your Family: Have at a list of ways to re-engage with your family.

Love Languages: Applying the 5 love languages to your family.

Weight Loss: Babywearing & Breastfeeding: How babywearing and breastfeeding helped me loose weight and then some.

Becoming Mom: Some tips on how to embrace motherhood.

Moving With A Baby: Moving in general is stressful. Moving with a tiny human adds at least three times more stress. Here’s how I did it.

What It’s Really Like to Bedshare: You’ve probably heard of cosleeping or bedsharing. Still, you may wonder, what’s the actual reality of bedsharing? Here’s the real-life benefits and challenges of sharing a bed with my partner and baby. 

Teaching My Son Sign Language: When people think of teaching their child a language or more, they initially think of a spoken language. Here’s my experience with sign language.

Choosing Whole Plant Based Foods: The onslaught of food preference titles can be overwhelming. In the last 2 years, the various definitions have become so overpowering that at times I avoid self-labeling. Regardless, here’s how our family gets on eating whole plant based foods.

Parenting That Gives and Takes: The greatest challenge as a parent also happens to be the most beneficial part of it, at least for me. What gives and takes equally? Read to find out!

Parenting Olympics: Parenting can feel like an international sporting competition sometimes. It’s international because you’re comparing yourself against the “competition” of parents across the entire world. It can feel like you’re sporting your parenting skills and your child’s accomplishments against every other parents’ as well. Here’s how I get through it.

Moms of Color | Motherhood

The Intersection of Money & Values: A discussion of how to maintain, share, or relinquish some of the lone she-wolf empowerment when you enter into a relationship as a woman of color.

More Coming Soon!