The Justification of Millennial Entitlement

At this point, we've all seen something that says Gen Y/Millennials (1981-1996, 23-38 years old) are entitled. We're this between generation of so many country and world transitions, ones threatening to divide the entire planet. We're constantly bridging old thought with new perspective like a proper peace keeper. It feels as if we're the krazy … Continue reading The Justification of Millennial Entitlement

Sci Fi News: President Wall

Sci Fi News is a series of short stories based on the potential consequences of current events told in a more or less fictionalized style. Upon the rising of The Wall began the fall of the greatest country in the West, America, unified and fortified through 50 states. The things that initiated America's now appearing … Continue reading Sci Fi News: President Wall

Before There Was Time

Before there was Time, all of the Present accepted itself as subject to Change. There was no reason to look behind or forward, to have a Past or Future. The Present was always enough and if not, Change would come. It always did. All Souls had Faith in Change and it's Mother, the Universe. Nonetheless, … Continue reading Before There Was Time