“Jamaican Accent” Is A Year Old!

I may not be into celebrating my own birthday or acknowledging other people's much these days, but I'm sentimental about my art. I released this little semi autobiographical ebook and audiobook of my childhood in Jamaica a little over a year ago. I was so scared!!! Once released, I was freed somehow and I'm in … Continue reading “Jamaican Accent” Is A Year Old!

You Can Now Order My Books on Lulu!

One thing brought to my attention that I didn't consider was the possibility my books would preferably be ordered anonymously. Paypal currently doesn't provide the option to do so. I also found out Paypal can be challenging if you're using it from other countries. As such, both "Jamaican Accent" and "Rumblings" are now available on … Continue reading You Can Now Order My Books on Lulu!

Thanks for Your Support!

Releasing this book of stories has reminded me of something I've always wanted to do: connect more with the producers (such as artists) I know. I want to thank everyone who ordered "Jamaican Accent" so far - most of which were surprises I didn't even see coming! Feels like y'all have a secret piece of … Continue reading Thanks for Your Support!

Jamaican Accent is Now Available

7 Reasons to Order This is a little weird, awkward, and embarrassing but I'm doing it anyway. That makes me brave. You like brave people.You get to know a little about little Nadia. How'd I become the monster I am today? You're supporting someone you know, even if we just know each other on the internet. … Continue reading Jamaican Accent is Now Available

About “Jamaican Accent” (2/2)

Read part 1. The Cover. My idea was to portray a carefree young black girl. Cheeno did a cool job. My eyes are closed to imply unabashed innocence. My mouth is open and all but shouting into the world "wah gwaan?", which is written on my tongue in the picture and means "what's up?" or … Continue reading About “Jamaican Accent” (2/2)

About “Jamaican Accent” (1/2)

The Idea. I was experiencing the well dubbed writer's block. I knew why, but I didn't understand why I couldn't push through. Suddenly I had a lot of free time and it was picking apart my confidence not knowing. My partner Cheeno suggested isolating myself by getting off all social mediums. My outlet options were … Continue reading About “Jamaican Accent” (1/2)

Computer Fixed. “Jamaican Accent” Update.

Almost two months later, here I am typing from my laptop again. I’ve had three laptops before this one in my life. None of them were new and none of them gave me problems except the first two were big and bulky, and one of them got very, very hot easily. According to the Razer … Continue reading Computer Fixed. “Jamaican Accent” Update.