You know one thing I enjoy? Weddings. I love watching people profess the depths of their hearts to each other. It gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes. Depending on the culture, weddings can look different, but mostly love is at the heart of it. I enjoy dressing up for it, eating the … Continue reading Marriage

Conspiratorist, Extremist

The more I share my opinions and thoughts, the more self conscious I feel. My mind is always telling me how much of a conspiratorist and extremist I appear to be in other people's minds. Off grid living? Natural birth? Veganism? Unmarried and pregnant? Pro unschooling? My mind tries to convince me I'm a total … Continue reading Conspiratorist, Extremist

Social Identity & Labels

As a lover of words, labels these days threaten to break my mind bank sometimes. Political terminology these days makes even me (a writer, someone who knows a few obscure words, someone who’s loves looking up new words, someone who’s college educated – to run my credentials, ugh) confused enough to not want to participate. … Continue reading Social Identity & Labels