You Can Now Order My Books on Lulu!

One thing brought to my attention that I didn't consider was the possibility my books would preferably be ordered anonymously. Paypal currently doesn't provide the option to do so. I also found out Paypal can be challenging if you're using it from other countries. As such, both "Jamaican Accent" and "Rumblings" are now available on … Continue reading You Can Now Order My Books on Lulu!

“Rumblings” Poetry eBook Available!

RUMBLINGS is Nadia Rumbolt's freshman poetry book collection of 44 poems loosely organized into themes exploring the deeper parts of the mind, self in society, love, inner madness, and self work. "RUMBLINGS" is available now in eBook (PDF) format! It was first released October 2014 and was newly revised and released December 26, 2018. If you’re … Continue reading “Rumblings” Poetry eBook Available!