“Jamaican Accent” Is A Year Old!

I may not be into celebrating my own birthday or acknowledging other people's much these days, but I'm sentimental about my art. I released this little semi autobiographical ebook and audiobook of my childhood in Jamaica a little over a year ago. I was so scared!!! Once released, I was freed somehow and I'm in … Continue reading “Jamaican Accent” Is A Year Old!

Thanks for Your Support!

Releasing this book of stories has reminded me of something I've always wanted to do: connect more with the producers (such as artists) I know. I want to thank everyone who ordered "Jamaican Accent" so far - most of which were surprises I didn't even see coming! Feels like y'all have a secret piece of … Continue reading Thanks for Your Support!

Jamaican Accent is Now Available

7 Reasons to Order This is a little weird, awkward, and embarrassing but I'm doing it anyway. That makes me brave. You like brave people.You get to know a little about little Nadia. How'd I become the monster I am today? You're supporting someone you know, even if we just know each other on the internet. … Continue reading Jamaican Accent is Now Available