A Couple of Minutes E1 Audioblog

As I mentioned, I'll be doing audioblogs that won't be transcribed into blog posts. Here's the first exclusive listen only audioblog episode: Genuine Stranger. "To learn from people requires a lot of humility." A Couple of Minutes is about topics my partner and I as a couple feel passionate about. Hear us out for a … Continue reading A Couple of Minutes E1 Audioblog

Audioblog Launch: Writebrained Out Loud!

I'm bringing you audio versions of my blog's work including my short stories and blog posts!I'll be keeping it amateur, so you'll hear things like my kid in the background, but I'll be adding some extras you won't read in my blog posts. Plus, I'll be doing a few non transcribed audioblogs! So, do the … Continue reading Audioblog Launch: Writebrained Out Loud!