Losing Weight After Pregnancy

I recently wrote an honest article about what it’s like to be on the spectrum of gaining weight during pregnancy, not losing weight fast enough, and losing all the added weight and then some. Here’s a snippet:

I felt a sense of shame when I wasn’t losing my baby weight fast enough. I wondered why other moms could do it but not me. When I could exercise, I overdid it at least once a week. It resulted in acute pelvic discomfort for several months. When I took a few weeks off, the pain went away. Instead of focusing entirely on exercise, I incorporated better eating and working on my emotions. Emotional weight is very real!

I now feel a slight sense of shame sharing my weight loss journey. It feels like I’m putting down moms who haven’t been able to. Sharing our struggles and achievements should lead to upliftment, not degradation. The shaming of moms and their weight will probably never stop, at least not until we normalize being open. I start here today with this article. 

I’ve practiced measuring my weight by how my clothes fit over the years. The times I happened to see a scale, I hopped on it just to see where I am.

Before pregnancy, I was about 135 pounds. At about eight months pregnant, I weighed myself and was shocked to see I was 160-something pounds. I didn’t understand how I could have gained so much weight, but I wasn’t worried about how I’d lose it either. My baby and I were healthy. I just wanted to focus on a complication-free birth, which we managed successfully!

I share my numbers because there’s a silent stigma paired with shame that you shouldn’t. If you don’t weigh a certain amount, you’re not considered “fat enough” to say you feel fat. Conversely, after a certain number, you “shouldn’t” be saying anything because then you’re walking into showoff territory.

Fourteen months later, I was just as surprised when I weighed in at 114 pounds! I didn’t think you could weigh less than your pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, I didn’t even want my pre-pregnancy body back. I’m here to share what has worked real life wonders for me, but remember, we’re all different. 

To read more on how I lost my pregnancy weight and then some, see the guest blog post here.

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